The scuba diving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia is regarded as some of the best in the world, with the highest recorded biodiversity and thousands of fish species inhabiting some of the most unspoilt habitats in the world. Described as having the best of both worlds, Bangka is equidistant from both the muck diving capital of Lembeh strait and the wall diving haven of Bunaken. The local diving is greatly varied with over 25 dives sites within 30 minutes of the resort; you can dive coral reefs, stunning underwater pinnacles, walls, caverns, seagrass, sandy bays, muck diving, all with a barrage of diversity waiting to entice you. You can spot dolphins in our bay in the mornings and also visit the resident dugong!

Our local, experienced dive guides are specialists in finding the rare and unusual; pygmy seahorses, crocodile fish, nudi branchs, frog fish and eagle rays are regular sights and reef sharks, octopus and dugongs are a frequent treat! Our dive boat is capable of reaching all of the local dive sites in a short time to offer three daily dives, plus the opportunity to visit Talisei, Lembeh or Bunaken. Our staff are professional and well-trained to cater for your diving needs, taking care of everything and leaving you to relax.

We are very lucky to be close to some of the world’s best dives sites, including Batu Sauhang which is five minutes away from our beach and Batu Gosoh only 25 minutes away. Experience world-class diving right on our doorstep!

Contact us now for more information. Our email is info@nomaddiversbangka.com. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and to help you plan your diving holiday here at Nomad Divers Bangka!

You can also learn to dive with us! Offering PADI training from Open Water Diver to Divemaster, our experienced instructor team will ensure you are relaxed and have a great time diving in one of the world’s most beautiful places. If you have any questions about any of our PADI courses or specialties please contact us here or email us at info@nomaddiversbangka.com and we will be happy to help.

Pipehorse Jukka Suoniemi
Ribbon Eel Jukka Suoniemi
Bargibanti pygmy seahorse Jukka Suoniemi
Mandarin Fish mating Jukka Suoniemi