Open Water Diver

Build your confidence and discover the fun of diving!

Build your confidence and discover the fun of diving!

Taking the plunge and trying diving for the first time is unforgettable and an experience you will want to repeat. To become a certified diver and be able to dive with a buddy anywhere in the world you can’t do better than getting your PADI Open Water diver certification. This is the best and most well-constructed entry level dive certification on the planet and at Nomad Divers we offer the best quality training in small groups and at your own pace. We always aim to have maximum of two or three students per instructor with lots of stress-free skills practice time.


What is included:

Learning proper buddy techniques to stay safe

Learning proper buddy techniques to stay safe

  • Open Water diver manual and certification fee
  • Five confined water skill sessions
  • Four Open Water training sessions
  • Theory knowledge development sessions
  • Full dive equipment hire
  • PRICE: 6,500,000IDR
  • LENGTH: Four days




What is not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Computer rental

Why do your PADI Open Water Diver certification with Nomad Divers?

We are a small resort with only seven rooms tucked away on a very quiet island with few dive operations nearby. Every year we teach many PADI courses but they rarely overlap; all of this adds up to you getting an almost guaranteed one-on-one course with your instructor (unless you can talk a friend or loved one into taking the plunge with you!). By choosing to learn to scuba dive with us you benefit from:

  1. Plenty of time to practice the various skills until you are happy with them and NOT get rushed along due to the time constraints of having a big group of fellow trainees.
  2. Small training groups. Many times we have heard about Open Water divers who lost their confidence due to being lost in a big training group and not being given enough instructor attention.
  3. Amazing surroundings with safe, calm training sites close to the resort. Sites are also packed with some of the most diverse marine species on the planet at the heart of the Coral Triangle
  4. Top notch instruction where we aim to build your confidence and train you to excel rather than just pass!

What you will learn

The Open Water course is split into three sections:

  • Knowledge Development – learning the theory of diving using the all-new Open Water manual. We also offer online manual as well a a Touch app-based version for better integrated learning. Assessed with an exam.
  • Confined Water training – being introduced to an practicing the 24 Open Water skills with an instructor in pool-like conditions. The only difference is that our pool has tropical fish in it!
  • Open Water training – showing off everything you learnt in Confined Water and applying it to open water diving conditions where you get to explore more and get to grips with key skills like buoyancy and the buddy system.

Once qualified you will be licensed to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum of 18 metres with a buddy. Once you have reached this point check out the Advanced Open Water course to increase your knowledge and confident as well as increasing your depth limit to 30 metres.