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Scuba dive North Sulawesi with Nomad Divers Bangka! Set in a beautiful bay on the peaceful island of Bangka, we offer the world class scuba diving of North Sulawesi, Indonesia on our doorstep. Ideally located east of Bunaken National Park and offering special trips to Lembeh Strait as well as Bunaken, Nomad Divers promises a wide variety of diving to satisfy divers of any experience.

Our beach resort was built with the help of the local community using local materials and techniques. Our peaceful bay is home to many species of birds, cus-cus, rare tarsiers and feels like a real castaway resort!

With a resident pod of spinner dolphins in the bay and a friendly dugong grazing on the abundant sea grass, the aquatic environment is healthy and blissfully free of crowds. The diving is fantastic all year round and offers you the chance to spot unusual species – many frogfish, scorpionfish, mandarin fish, pygmy seahorses and the highest marine diversity in the world – as well as your favourite reef fish, sharks, turtles and rays.

We are proud to be part of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association who try to protect the local ecosystems, and we are one of the founding members of the Bangka Conservation Fund, made up of resorts on and around Bangka, which fundraises to take care of our marine eco-systems and communities around Bangka.

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Our accommodation is traditional Minahasan wooden bungalows with ensuite bathrooms. Dry out and unwind in the bar on our secluded beach with fantastic views towards Lembeh and experience delicious local cuisine fresh from our kitchen. Come and experience the unspoilt beauty of Bangka island with Nomad Divers – we cater for divers of all abilities and our two PADI instructors offer PADI courses in-house to those diving for the first time or progressing their experience. Stay in our beach bungalow, one of our jungle cottages or check out our special offers on our new budget chalet and bamboo beach hut, perfect for travelers who are on a budget! ‘Unbelievable diving, beautiful accommodation, I’ll definitely be back, friends for life!’ – July 2014, M Kiernan Contact us now for a quote – we also give free places to group leaders – Click here for our rates or email us for a quote!

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