Please support our schoolchildren!

We have been working closely with the three small schools in Lihunu village which is where all of our staff come from and is the largest village on Bangka. The schools are desperately under-funded and resourced and we are raising money to provide basic equipment such as books and pens, English textbooks, sports equipment, uniforms, shoes and hopefully an overhead projector to help the teachers. Please help us by donating something, even 2EUR can help!

Please follow this link to our fundraising page

The Bangka Conservation Fund (BCF) was established by the resorts around Bangka and includes Nomad Divers Bangka, Blue Bay, Murex, Coral Eye, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort and Sea Souls Resort.

It was established to raise funds to help conservation efforts on Bangka, firstly to fight the illegal mining and then to work with local communities.

We ask every guest that visits us to contribute 100,000IDR towards the fund. This money is collected each month by one of the resorts and put straight into a joint bank account. Every month we report our income and every resort votes on how to spend it. Your money will not disappear and we feel that this is a fair way of deciding how to spend the donations.

News of illegal mining activity on Bangka island first surfaced early October, 2011. This company bribed it’s way onto the island then bullied local people to sell their land. Several dive operators and local villagers banded together as volunteers to form the Bangka Conservation Fund and have dedicated themselves to stopping this potential mine.

In July 2015 the last court case was finally WON in the supreme court of Jakarta. The mining never started and all equipment that had landed on Bangka was shipped away!

We must now work to replant mangroves along the coast and trees on land to prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion will smother the reef and choke coral to death. Together we can prevent this from happening, visit Bangka Island, stay with one of the participating operators, and donate a little or as much as you can to allow Bangka to bloom again!

Thank you for your help and support,

Blue Bay, Coral Eye, Murex, Nomad Divers, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort and Sea Souls