School fundraiser – January 2017 update

Hi everyone!

We started fundraising in 2016 for the three schools in Lihunu village which is the biggest village on Bangka Island, it’s the closest one to us and where all of our staff live. The families here do not generally have a stable income and most of the men are fishermen and the women stay at home with the kids or look after the family’s plantations where they grow fruit and vegetables.

For school the children need to buy three different uniforms; the normal school uniform, a batik version and also a scout uniform for one day per week! They also need school shoes, sports uniforms and of course equipment such as school bags, pens, exercise books, rubbers, ink erasers etc. This all adds up!

We have set up a fundraising page here – unfortunately Paypal take a cut of each donation given, so if you would like to transfer cash directly to me I will make sure all of it goes to the kids! Just email me on and I will supply you with my bank details. Another way of helping is to bring pens, school bags, exercise books, footballs, colouring pens, posters for kindergarten, or anything else you can think of when you come and visit Nomad Divers!

We need to say a big thank you to Marc Platteuw and Carl Villis who both used their recent birthday celebrations to collect donations to our school fundraiser.

Our latest school donation was just before Christmas and included a new projector, loads of books left by our guests, hundreds of books and pens and we added some sweet treats too!


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donation for school

donation for school