Rescue Diver

Learning proper buddy techniques to stay safe

Focus on safety and doing it right!!

Every diver thinks they dive safely and this is often the case; however finding yourself in a situation where someone else runs into difficulties being able to help and knowing what to do can potentially save a life or at least prevent a problem from developing into a dangerous situation.
The Rescue Diver course is the one course that all professional divers look back on as the most fun, challenging and rewarding of all the PADI courses. When we ask Rescue Divers what difference it made to them and why they would recommend the course to someone else the common response is that being a Rescue Diver puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to your diving safety. We all dive sometimes in remote areas and frequently with dive guides who are not qualified Rescue Divers or Divemasters and so having these skills at your fingertips means that you never have that “I hope someone else knows whats hapening” sensation.

Build your confidence and discover the fun of diving!

Totally in control – in the driving seat of your diving!

Summary of what is included:

  • PADI Rescue Diver course manual and materials
  • All training dives and knowledge development sessions
  • Certification fees
  • PRICE: 6,500,000IDR
  • LENGTH: 4 to 5 DAYS

What is not included:

  • Equipment rental
  • Accommodation


Why do your Rescue Diver course at Nomad Divers?

As a small and busy resort we have the luxury of offering unparalleled Instructor time during our courses. For the Rescue Diver course there is so much interesting material to cover that discussions about what to do and how to do it often spill over to dinner times and in the evenings and we encourage everyone to participate and talk about the issues that are relevant to every diver! During the course you will learn both self rescue techniques and how to help others which means lots of practice using “victims” and lots of practical engagement. Rather than just cover the bare minimum we like our Rescue Divers to be able to nail every single performance requirement and so get the most complete qualification. We spend lots of time with you going at a speed which suits you.

What will you learn?

The Rescue course involves both theory and practical application, but thankfully a lot more of the latter! We spend a lot of time in the water practicing self rescue skills, and then moving on to helping others from shore, from a boat, at the surface and underwater. Learning how to spot early warning signs of panic and things going wrong and learning how to correct them before they develop into a fullscale emergency. You will learn a whole host of individual rescue techniques from searching for a missing diver, bringing them safely to the surface, administering CPR in-water whilst removing equipment and methods of getting the victim out of the water. They are then all put together in two rescue scenarios which the student must complete to pass the practical side of the course.

You will also learn a whole host of soft rescue skills (ie not dealing with a non-breathing victim in the water) which deal with the seemingly insignificant day-to-day issues which crop up which can either make a situation deteriorate or otherwise ruin someone’s day by not being addressed. Everything from seasickness to heat stroke is dealt with to build up your diving knowledge and skills.

All of the skills you learn on the Rescue Diver course form the basis of the safety skills needed for the Divemaster course which is the natural progressiona after becoming a Rescue Diver. You will also need an emergency first response qualification which is a half day course which can be added to Rescue Diver to enrol on a Divemaster course.