Advanced Open Water

Perfecting buoyancy the fun way!

Perfecting buoyancy the fun way!

We love teaching the Advanced course here at Nomad because we aim to make it as fun as possible whilst giving you the best training possible!

What is included

  • Adventures in Diving manual and certification fees
  • Five Adventure dives of your choice (see list further down this page)
  • Knowledge development sessions
  • PRICE: 5,500,000IDR
  • LENGTH: Two days

What is not included:

  • Equipment rental
  • Accommodation

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Why do your PADI Advanced Open water diver course with Nomad Divers?

Getting comfortable at depth with great training

Getting comfortable at depth with great training

The purpose of the Advanced Open Water course is to improve your diving knowledge by exposing you to a variety of different scuba diving scenarios and activities from identifying fish, invertebrates and plants, to navigation, buoyancy workshops, drift dives and night diving to name but a few. By choosing to train with us you benefit from:

  1. Over 25 different dive sites offering walls, pinnacles, coral gardens and muck sites with a variety of topography and conditions PLUS having them stocked year round with some of the most diverse and interesting creatures on the planet mean you can’t find anywhere better to learn about the underwater world and the many facets of diving.
  2. Our tiny training groups mean that your instructor time is great and someone is always on hand to help answer questions and get you properly immersed in diving.
  3. By combining our training dives with normal fun diving guest dives we reinforce what you learnt on the Open Water course to polish your skills
  4. Our safety conscious and relaxed approach to training means that you never feel rushed or being pushed through to simply pass – we want you to excel!

What you will learn

Discover and learn about amazing species!

Discover and learn about amazing species!

The Advanced Open Water course introduces you to more aspects of diving by getting you to pick five Adventure Dives which interest you. An Adventure Dive is actually the first part of what is known as a Specialty, each of which is a standalone course which can be completed for recognition in that particular area. Check this page for the full list of PADI Specialties for which an Adventure Dive can be credited in your Advanced course.

To complete the Advanced Open Course you simply complete a short chapter in the Adventures in Diving manual for each Adventure Dive, and then you complete the dive with your instructor. There are two mandatory Adventure Dives, namely Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation as they both contain key skills which you will always rely on in your diving career. For the remaining three Adventure Dives, we recommend a choice of the following:

  • AWARE Fish Identification to improve you knowledge of our fishy friends and improve your skills in identifying what you see when diving
  • Drift Diver – get comfortable in a current and find out that they can be your friend if the dive is planned properly! Perfect for building confidence (and having a lot of fun)
  • Night Diver – take the plunge after dark and discover the mind-blowing inhabitants of Bangka’s nighttime waters
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – we uncover the secrets of perfecting your buoyancy whilst simultaneously reducing the weight you carry and reducing your air consumption.
  • Underwater Naturalist – learn about underwater ecosystems including the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates as well as understanding the intertwined lives of the creatures under the sea.

After finishing your five dives  – congratulations! – you are and Advanced Open Water Diver, qualified to dive to 30 metres with a buddy. If you were particularly taken with what you learned on your Adventure Dives bear in mind that you can continue to learn by completing the relevant Specialty. Your Adventure Dive counts towards a Specialty – don’t let it go to waste!